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Renaming map objects, npc, monsters and more

Discussion in 'DWM News' started by a_bertrand, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. a_bertrand

    a_bertrand Administrator

    Oct 28, 2014
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    This update was a huge piece, and hopefully it should work in most cases. To explain what we introduced here I should first explain how some parts of the engine works. Dont' worry it's not too technical ;)

    As you may know, the engine let you enter names for nearly everything like:

    When I started the engine, I decided that instead using some obscure IDs which nobody could ever remember, we should always work with names you game designer decide. Those names are what the engine uses internally to reference the different pieces, which has a side effect: if you rename something the reference breaks.

    That's until now! As now the engine should be able to update the references even on the map of your objects, npcs and much more. The only thing not covered is the code / scripts you may have which will not updated for you.

    As the change on the maps is heavy on server resources, there is a 5 sec. delay between the change and the actual change on the map.

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