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HTML 5 export and loading speedup

Discussion in 'DWM News' started by a_bertrand, May 29, 2017.

  1. a_bertrand

    a_bertrand Administrator

    Oct 28, 2014
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    Just a quick update on the online service. We can now export HTML 5 games directly from the online maker, this will create a zip file containing the HTML, JS, CSS and art files needed to run your game. You can then host the files where you want, as it doesn't rely on any server side technology at all. You could even run it by starting the index.html file directly.

    The HTML 5 export is a single player game, as it doesn't have the chat, nor you can see other players, no messaging system and more.

    Another part has been also worked on, which is the loading time the first time you enter a game as well as when you change zone. Now all your CPU cores should be used, and therefore the speed will be greatly improved. I measured up to 5x faster loading time.

    Finally, the play.html doesn't use anymore the full engine code, instead it relies on a runtime.js which contains only the JS code needed to run the game. That speedups again a bit the loading / parsing, even if I doubt most will ever see a difference.

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