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vPet Script 0.91

PHP Virtual Pet Script

  1. 1imPunter
    This is a script I coded around 3-4 years ago and someone reminded me of it a few days ago asking for it, so I decided to stick it up on the GMF resource area. I only glanced over the source to see how my code was a few years ago. I noticed a few potential mySQL exploits so I will update it to 1.0 once I resolve those.

    You can still play around with the script, but I would not stick it on a Live Site as of yet until the mySQL exploits are fixed. I most likely wouldn't recommend it for use as the code is pretty rough. Leave a comment if your interested in actually using this and i'll PM you when the exploits are fixed to re-download it. In the meantime....

    Who is the Virtual Pet PHP Engine Script for?

    • Website Owners
    • Beginner/Novice php/mySQL programmers
    What kind of Features are given to Members?
    • User Login
    • User Logout
    • User Registration
    • Adopt a Pet
    • Manage Pets (Delete, view)
    • Pet Levels
    • Display Pet on Pet Owners site/blog/facebook/myspace
    How do Pet Levels Work?
    • Everytime a Pet is viewed, it gains a level.
      • What is considered a Pet View?
        • Someone visiting a Member Pet Page
        • Viewing Pet on Pet Owners site/blog/facebook/myspace
    • Once a Pet is viewed x ammount of times, it will upgrade to new Pet.
    • Pet Owner will receive a email of new Pet Upgrade
    What kind of Admin Features is included?
    • General Stats
      • Pets Available
      • Pets Adopted Total
      • Members Total
      • Members Active
      • Members Inactive
    • Members
      • View Latest Registered Members
      • View Online Membmers
    • Pets
      • Add
      • Manage (Edit, Delete)
    • Email
      • All Members
      • Inactive Members

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